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  1. 6. Tissue distribution of Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in salmon fish (Salmo salar L.)

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Food Science

    Author : Carlota Gimeno Zafón; [2013]
    Keywords : PPAR; Atlantic salmon; fatty acid; PCR; ; qPCR; ; RT-PCR;

    Abstract : Peroxisome Proliferator-activated Receptors (PPARs) are ligand-inducible transcription factors, that can be activated by both dietary fatty acids and their metabolic derivates in the body, as by eicosanoids, hypolipidemic agents or antidiabetic drugs. To date three PPAR isotypes have been identified in mammals, birds, and amphibians, termed PPARα, PPARγ, and PPARβ/δ. READ MORE

  2. 7. The effect of different starch levels on oxygen consumption and nitrogen excretion of Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis)

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Nutrition and Management

    Author : Rouzbeh Keihani; [2013]
    Keywords : Starch; Oxygen consumption; Nitrogen excretion; Eurasian perch Perca fluviatilis ; Respirometry;

    Abstract : Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing and valuable industries nowadays. Because fish meal and fish oil are the major components of fish diets, there is growing concern that the rapid growth of this industry will lead to either fish meal scarcity or the depletion of marine fish population. READ MORE

  3. 8. Eastern oyster aquaculture : estuarine remediation via site suitability and spatially explicit carrying capacity modeling in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för naturgeografi och ekosystemvetenskap

    Author : Daniel Taylor; [2013]
    Keywords : eutrophication; oyster; aquaculture; physical geography and ecosystem analysis; GIS; shellfish; MCE; Chesapeake Bay; environmental modeling; Earth and Environmental Sciences;

    Abstract : Scientific summaryEstuarine eutrophication, the systemic limitation of dissolved oxygen in a body of water, has been increasingly monitored and scrutinized as an environmental concern needing acute and long term remediation efforts. The driving factors of eutrophication are largely attributed to anthropogenic sources within the watershed, sources that are products of modern civilization. READ MORE

  4. 9. The Farm : A new urban condition

    University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

    Author : Jesper Arvidsson; [2012]
    Keywords : Urban Farming; Vertical Farm; Norra Djurgårdsstaden; Farm; Housing; Apartments; Integration of Farming and Living; Stockholm Royal Seaport; Coverd Market; Basar; Aquaculture; Fish Farming; Cyclical Integration; Sustainability; Ecological;

    Abstract : The Farm is a speculative proposal for a self sustainable city block where as much food is produces as is consumed by it’s inhabitants. It is utilising the potential that arise when the greenery of farming is brought in to the cities in creating a new hybrid that blends with the city fabric with the aim of contributing to the areas multiplicity and vibrant life. READ MORE

  5. 10. Proactivity and sustainable transition at the fish counter? : A study about ecological sustainability regarding fish at four ICA Kvantum supermarkets within the Stockholm region

    University essay from Södertörns högskola/Institutionen för livsvetenskaper

    Author : Jerker Johansson; [2012]
    Keywords : Food chain; proactive; proactivity; sustainable supply chain; supply chain management; CSR; fish; ecological sustainability; ICA; Livsmedelskedjor; proaktiv; proaktivitet; hållbara försörjningskedjor; supply chain management; CSR; fisk; ekologisk hållbarhet; ICA;

    Abstract : Fish and shellfish are important sources of protein for the world population. Nearly 50 percent of fish and shellfish products originate from aquaculture, and the rest comes from traditional fishing. The marine stocks are under threat from unsustainable fishing practices. READ MORE