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  1. 16. The Effects of National Culture Values on Consumer Acceptance of E-commerce : The Swedish Case

    University essay from KTH/Industriell ekonomi och organisation (Inst.)

    Author : Arvid Wahlberg; [2015]
    Keywords : E-commerce; National Culture; E-commerce penetration; E-commerce acceptance; Sweden; TAM; Technology Acceptance Model; Hofstede’s dimensions of national culture; Trust; SEM; PLS-Graph;

    Abstract : A large amount of research has been conducted in order to seek explanations that clarify e-commerce acceptance throughout the world; however, there is a gap in the research as to how e-commerce acceptance is attributable to national culture. Two previous studies (Yoon, 2009), (Capece, et al. READ MORE

  2. 17. Innovation, sustainable leadership and consideration of future consequences: A cross-cultural perspective.

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för psykologi (PSY)

    Author : Afroditi-Maria Stavropoulou; [2015]
    Keywords : Culture; Hofstede; Innovation; Creativity; Leadership Sustainability; Sustainable leadership; Consideration of future consequences; Long-term perspective; Greece; Sweden;

    Abstract : The present study aimed to examine the relationship between national culture and organizational innovation, sustainable leadership (SL), and leaders’ consideration of future consequences (CFC), based on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. An online survey was developed and sent out to employees of private organizations located in Greece and Sweden. READ MORE

  3. 18. Influence of National Culture on the Implementation of Knowledge Management System: Creation of model for the implementation of KM System

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

    Author : Ruslan Khudobin; [2015]
    Keywords : Knowledge Management; System; Knowledge Creation; National Culture; Organizational Models; Individualism; Collectivism; Rich Picture; Change Model;

    Abstract : In the Master Thesis research is carried out into the influence of national culture on the implementation of knowledge management (KM) systems, as well as providing the actions which should be carried out for successful implementation. Research was conducted in the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. READ MORE


    University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

    Author : Aivaras Sostakas; [2015]
    Keywords : Culture; Key words: Cultural Dimensions; Uncertainty Avoidance; Entrepreneurship; Lithuania; Sweden; Belgium; Business and Economics;

    Abstract : AbstractThe purpose of this thesis is to examine whether uncertainty avoidance or risk intolerance has influence on entrepreneurship among Lithuanians. This paper aims to looks into the cultural dimensions according to a Dutch researcher, Geert Hofstede who rated Lithuania an index score of 65, and a study by a Lithuanian professor Huettinger (2008) who rated Lithuania a score of 59, whereby 100 means an extremely risk intolerant score and 1 being extremely risk tolerant score. READ MORE

  5. 20. Think global, act local! A cross-cultural study of five Nutella websites on adaptation

    University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

    Author : Ilaria Gioia; Levke Blaas; [2014-07-01]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : The aim of the present research is to analyse commercial websites of the same global brand from a cultural perspective looking for the presence of cultural patterns which might reflect marketers’ awareness for the need of cross-cultural adaptation.Through a qualitative content analysis of main pages of in total five Nutella websites addressing Germany, Italy, Sweden, Canada and Australia, this paper targets to investigate how a global brand adapts to local cultures and more specifically which similarities/differences can be found on its websites and how these can be related to the culture of each country. READ MORE