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  1. 1. Animated Gamification - the effects of video clips as rewards in a gamified CRM software for B2B sales

    University essay from Malmö högskola/Teknik och samhälle

    Author : Timothy Jalgard; [2016]
    Keywords : gamification; gamification design; gamified workplace; gamified experiences; MDA framework; gamification at work; video clips; motivation; extrinsic motivation;

    Abstract : Gamification innebär att man använder element och tekniker från spel i annars icke-lekfulla miljöer för att öka användarnas engagemang. Arbetssättet har de senaste åren blivit allt mer förekommande i profesionella sammanhang som skolan och i arbetslivet. READ MORE

  2. 2. Evaluating privacy and security risks in smart home entertainment appliances, from a communication perspective

    University essay from Malmö högskola/Teknik och samhälle

    Author : Simon Irengård Gullstrand; Ivan Morales Larsson; [2016]
    Keywords : security; privacy; Internet; smart home; playstation; wireshark; wireless communication; entertainment;

    Abstract : Konceptet "smarta hem" blir mer och mer en del av vår vardag. På grund av den hastiga utvecklingen och med tanke på att trådlös kommunikation har blivit normen, har säkerhet och integritet blivit mer av ett bekymmer. READ MORE

  3. 3. Representation of Primary Characters in Narrative-based Games

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Högskolan på Gotland/Institutionen för speldesign

    Author : Ida Lahti; [2016]
    Keywords : games; character design; representation; protagonists; identification; game enjoyment; diversity; spel; karaktärsdesign; representation; protagonister; identifiering; spelnöje; mångfald;

    Abstract : A quantitative study is performed on protagonists from games that have accumulated the most retail sales between 2007 and 2016, with this case particularly focusing on the categories of gender, physical characteristics, sexuality and age. Results show that white male leads are almost half of all characters in the study and are a much larger group than any other. READ MORE

  4. 4. Active Learning : a Supportive Teaching Method to Address Climate Change in Higher Education

    University essay from KTH/Industriell ekologi

    Author : Sara Trulsson; [2016]
    Keywords : climate change; active learning; educational board games; serious games; flipped classroom; IPCC; teaching; klimatförändringar; aktivt lärande; utbildande brädspel; flipped classroom; IPCC; undervisning;

    Abstract : Universities world wide do efforts to integrate education on climate change in the educational programs, but teaching about climate change is challenging: the climate system is complex, future prognoses include difficult terms of likeliness and the topic as such awakes emotions. Simulations and games are sometimes used to address climate change matters, and along with an increasing number of available interactive online simulations there is an on-going revolution in how online-material is used to provide students with information in higher education. READ MORE

  5. 5. Evaluating how Non-player Character personalities affect the game experience in Future Happiness Challenge

    University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för datalogi och datorsystemteknik

    Author : Niklas Nermansson; [2016]
    Keywords : Artificial Intelligence; Non-Player Character; Personalities; Behavior Tree; Artificiell intelligens; Non-Player Character; Personligheter; Behaviour Tree;

    Abstract : Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in many games and quite often the Non-Player Character(NPC)s simulate humans. To make the human NPCs believable and feel alive they need to be as human-like as possible in their behaviour. READ MORE