The soft color interactions of diffractive scattering : A study of Rapidity gap formation through BFKL exchange

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Högenergifysik

Author: Andreas Ekstedt; [2015]

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Rapidity gap formation in soft diffractive scattering can be explained in terms of acolor singlet exchange. Previous work has explained the formation of soft gaps interms of a BFKL exchange, however due to soft phenomena this method fails topredict the precise number of gaps. Previous soft color interaction implementations has failed to provide an accurate description for gap destruction at 7 TeV proton-proton collisions, due to increased amount of final state partons. To tackle this problem a modified implementation of soft-color interaction was introduced, relying on soft gluon exchanges between every final state color singlet system. The model was implemented in conjunction with a numericalsolution of the BFKL equation in the event generator PYTHIA. The new soft-color interaction model expands on the previous by providing more stability for hightransverse energy scales.

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