Is it time to break up? - Localizing and analyzing framings surrounding the political debate on Scottish independence

University essay from Lunds universitet/Europastudier

Abstract: By using the method of framing analysis this bachelor’s thesis investigates how the debate of Scottish independence is framed by leaders representing the four largest political parties in Scotland. The material consists of speeches the politicians have held in the year of 2013, all speeches addressing the 2014 referendum and the issue of Scottish independence. By deconstructing the arguments communicated in the respective speeches the author attempts to identify dominant narratives that serve the purpose of promoting certain political agendas and framing the perception of independence. This study also aims to determine whether the dispute on Scottish independence is best described as a policy disagreement or a policy controversy. This is done in accordance with the research on “intractable policy controversies” by Donald A. Schön and Martin Rein. The findings show that there are conflicting framings of the issue of independence and that three of those are predominant. They also show that the debate on independence is best described as a policy controversy.

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