University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi


Aim: The concept of CSR is getting more attention among various fields but there has been a lack of research in enhancing the awareness of CSR within the field of retailing. In order to fill this gap, the aim of this study is to investigate the significance of CSR and green marketing (ecological labels) in the business of retailing while evaluating the affect of it on consumer behavior.


Method: Case study research method is opted for this study to answer “why” and “how” questions. Furthermore, quantitative data has been collected through in store and online customer interview. The research data is analysed by using Microsoft Office Excel.


Result & Conclusions: Theresult shows that CSR is well incorporated and practiced by ICA Kvantum, AB. Their business philosophy is focused on customer, product, environment, diversity and community. They provide environmental and organic products by abiding the rules and law of goods production that also protects the environment. Moreover, the quantitative study reveals that Swedish female consumer between the ages of 26-35 are more responsible towards environment. It also shows that most of the consumers are still buying conventional (non-ecological) products and majority of them don’t check eco-labels before purchasing but they are willing to pay more for ecological and organic foods. Thus, CSR and green marketing affects consumer buying behavior through different ways.


Suggestions for future research: The similar research can be performed by adopting qualitative data from company’s experts to record their perspective about CSR and green marketing. Moreover, it would be interesting to investigate multiple retail companies operating in different cities. Furthermore, it could give innovative results, if the study investigates the link of trust and loyalty on consumer behavior, as they are the key components in consumer purchase decision.


Contribution of the study: This study identifies and explains the concept of CSR and the important elements of CSR in grocery retailing. The novel concept of green marketing and ecological products has been studied in relation to consumer behavior. The investigation of CSR and green marketing on consumer behavior is a unique combination which has not investigated extensively within the field of grocery retailing.

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