Yeast biomass production from rest products for fish feed

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Microbiology

Abstract: Proper nutrition plays a key role in the growth of fish. However, limited supply of raw materialfor fish feed has posed problem for the ever-growing Aquaculture. Waste water from foodindustries (e.g. diaries and slaughterhouses) contains considerable amounts of proteins and fats tobe used as fish feed. Similarly, glycerol which is a by-product in biodiesel production can be usedas carbon source by yeast. Linseed oil can be useful as a source of fatty acids.In this study we investigate the potential of waste from paper and beer industries as a growthmedium for yeast. We used two different concentrations of Glycerol and Linseed oil. Media wasinoculated with yeast and cultured for 48 hours. To determine the growth of yeast, OD (OpticalDensity) was measured for each sample at three hours intervals.Our results show that waste from beer industry is very promising as compared to waste frompaper industry for the growth of yeast. Moreover, all strains of yeast showed better growth whenlower concentrations of glycerol and linseed oil were added to beer water as compared to highconcentrations.

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