Test and analysis of an atmospheric aerosol collection technique and school outreach within a REXUS project

University essay from KTH/Rymd- och plasmafysik

Author: Sofhia Josborg; [2012]

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“Rocket deployed Atmospheric probes conducting Independent measurements in NorthernSweden” (RAIN) is a project where the team developed and constructed an experiment formultipoint sampling of aerosol particles in the middle atmosphere. The experiment is launchedwith a sounding rocket from Esrange in Kiruna March 2012. It consists of two probes which aremounted in the rocket cylinder. They will be ejected from this and fall from about 80 km height.During the fall through the atmosphere the probes collect samples on different heights. The postexperiment analysis is done with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Atmospheric aerosolparticles play an important part in cloud formation and have impact on both climate andenvironment on earth. Sample-taking of them in high altitudes is a problem though and thereexists no good technique for this today.This Master thesis has two parts, one technical and one pedagogical, since it is written within theframes of the program Master of Science in Engineering and of Education. The technical partcovers the test of aerosol particle collection at ground level and the post-test SEM analysis ofthis. The pedagogical part describes the work with spreading interest for science and technologyby school visits presenting project RAIN.

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