Magnet Losses in Inverter-fed High-speed PM Machines

University essay from KTH/Elektrisk energiomvandling


This master thesis deals with the estimation of magnet losses in a Permanent Magnet(PM) motor inserted in a nut-runner. This type of machine has interesting featuressuch as being slot-less and running at a very high speed (30000 rpm). An extensiveliterature review was performed in order to investigate the state of the art in estimationof the losses in magnets of a PM machine. Analytical models to calculate the no-loadback-emf and the magnetic ux density in the air-gap due to the currents in the statorare presented rst. Furthermore, several of the analytical models for calculating lossesin magnets described in the literature were tested and adapted to the case of a slotlessmachine with a parallel-magnetized ring. Then, a numerical estimation of thelosses with nite element method (FEM) 2D was carried out. In addition, a detailedinvestigation of the eect of simulation settings (e.g., mesh size, time-step, remanentmagnetic ux density in the magnet, superposition of the losses, etc.) was performed.Finally, calculation of losses with 3D FEM are also included in order to compare thecalculated losses with both analytical and FEM 2D results. The estimation of thelosses includes the variation of these with frequency for a range of frequencies between10 and 100 kHz.

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