Business Models for Mobile Internet

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Executive Summary Title Business Models for Mobile Internet Authors Andersson Tobias, Talborn Henric, Weikert Magnus Directors Professor Allan T. Malm Ph D Candidate Magnus Wide Purpose How should mobile operators design their business models for mobile Internet in order to be successful? Method The method used in order to reach the purpose is structured in, theory, empirical and analysis around the concepts business landscape, business model and revenue model. Theories have been collected within these areas in order to create analytical tools. The empirical data was collected trough semi structured interviews with actors involved in the mobile Internet industry. The analytical process was structured around these concepts followed by a correlated analysis and conclusions. Conclusions Regardless of the mobile operators choice of business models four key resources impacts the potential to succeed with mobile Internet. The brand will be important in order to attract customers. The level of skills in managing relationships with third party providers will be important in order to create incentives that facilitate the business models value creating potential. The customer base will be important for operators impacting the revenue potential, bargain power and the potential to generate valuable information. Information will be required for the operators in order to facilitate service development and to price services accurately. To sum up, the authors conclude that the free content business model is not the one to choose due to its weak economic logic. A good choice for global players, on markets with characteristics such as in Sweden, is the paid for content model with complementary advertising services. The intelligent facilitator business model is suitable for local network operators. The future success of the enabling platform business model depends on the degree of integration between the network operators and the platform providers. The WLAN model will be a complement to the operators’ business models and make their offers more complete. And finally, the MVOs’ business model will in general terms experience the same conditions as the global network operators’ business models. The important issue is nonetheless the strength of their brands and the size of their customer bases. Key Words Business Model, Business Landscape, Revenue Model, Mobile Internet, Mobile operator

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