Evaluation of the Corrugated Box Strength Performance in Supply Chains - A Case Study of Duni AB

University essay from Lunds universitet/Förpackningslogistik

Abstract: Duni has successfully expand their business internationally. Internationalization makes the distance between the producer and consumers become longer and this leads to strength reduction of corrugated boxes along the supply chain. To overcome this problem, this study is conducted to find the extent of corrugated boxes strength reduction during logistical activities, practices and condition in the supply chain. Three Duni products were selected for this project. Via interviews and on-site visits, supply chain mapping for each product was presented to assist in visualization. Relevant findings during observations such as unrealistic pallet configurations, inappropriate basic conditions and poor corrugated box design were highlighted. Data loggers were utilized to measure shock, vibration, relative humidity and temperature while GPS trackers were brought in to detect the journey of the product. Shock readings were frequently detected during loading and unloading process at the supply chain actors with the maximum shock reading of >16.4g. Interestingly, transportation by road does not give a high shock reading. The average relative humidity of <50% was measured in Europe particularly during the project timeline can be considered as good. By comparing BCT results, it is clearly shown that the strength of the corrugated box reduced as the packaging goes further along the supply chain flow. Primary packaging or products that corrugated box contained might help in giving the corrugated box a better support towards given compression. Self-open perforations and dented vertical edge that lead to strength reduction of the corrugated box were also observed. In the end, a decision tree is provided in order to help Duni in revising the safety factor of their corrugated box, hence improve its performance.

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