Illumination for Real-Time Rendering of Large Architectural Environments

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknik

Abstract: This thesis explores efficient techniques for high quality real-time rendering of large architectural environments using affordable graphics hardware, as applied to illumination, including window reflections, shadows, and "bump mapping". For each of these fields, the thesis investigates existing methods and intends to provide adequate solutions. The focus lies on the use of new features found in current graphics hardware, making use of new OpenGL extensions and functionality found in Shader Model 3.0 vertex and pixel shaders and the OpenGL 2.0 core. The thesis strives to achieve maximum image quality, while maintaining acceptable performance at an affordable cost. The thesis shows the feasibility of using deferred shading on current hardware and applies high dynamic range rendering with the intent to increase realism. Furthermore, the thesis explains how to use environment mapping to simulate true planar reflections as well as incorporates relevant image post-processing effects. Finally, a shadow mapping solution is provided for the future integration of dynamic geometry.

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