Market orientation in small to medium sized Biotech companies in Sweden

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


The purpose of this study was to investigate if small to medium sized biotechnology companies in Sweden are market oriented, or if they are research and technology orientated. Market oriented meaning being customer focused, having a strong competitor orientation and building customer solutions using a team approach; and the higher the marketing knowledge – the stronger the market orientation. The results are based on in-depth interviews with members of management groups in 10 companies. The findings indicate that biotechnology companies in Sweden are science and technology focused, since it is in their foundation to be so, but that they still can be market oriented. The marketing knowledge seemed to be rather high amongst the interviewed persons and managements spread information regarding the company’s situation, the customers and competition to all employees. Managers and employees met with customers, as well as did personnel from other departments. The regulations, followed by the majority of these companies, structure collection of customer information and its the diffusion into the development process, including using a team approach. Most of the companies are competitor oriented as well. The fundamental market resources were sometimes missing. The companies are research focused until an active decision is taken to change and become marketing focused, and until resources are rebalanced.

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