Lean Manufacturing and Company Integration In Swedish and Danish Machining Industry

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industriell Produktion

Abstract: Abstract Title: Lean Manufacturing and Company Integration in Swedish and Danish Machining Industry. Authors: Daniel Carlsson and Peter Fröberg, Industrial Engineering and Management, Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Supervisors: Nils Hedar, Manager Sandvik Coromant Academy EMEA, Sandvik Coromant AB, Sandviken Jan-Eric Ståhl, Division of Production and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Purpose: To provide: • A sharp and distinct understanding and embodiment of how Swedish and Danish companies in the Machining industry work with improvements in general and Lean in particular. • An extended definition of Company Integration and how it plays a critical role in a company’s performance with regard to its internal interaction. Methodology: Collecting data was done by conducting case studies of a total of 17 factories. The data was then compiled and categorized in order to provide a summarized comprehensible representation of all data. Result: The result, in addition to achieving the Purpose above, is two Management Tools that are direct descendants of their respective topics, aiming to solve problems related to them.

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