Conditions for e-learning at companies : Technical and pedagogical problems or e-learning at an IT consultant company

University essay from KTH/Skolan för teknikvetenskaplig kommunikation och lärande (ECE)


The purpose of this study is to research possibilities to create educational programs at large companies that engage employees using the company intranet to contribute to the development and efficiency of the business. The goal is to through experience of employees and related research suggest pedagogically and technically effective methods to introducing company employees to an intranet. The importance of this study lies in its potential to increase a more operational use of intranets.

What has been done in this thesis is an investigation of what a large consultant company need in terms of introduction to a system e.g. an intranet, a customer relation management system or a time report system. A study of what is available in terms of earlier work and research has been done. Interviews and surveys were completed to get to know the experiences that employees at a company has in the area.

The most important results from the investigation are that e-learning is especially suitable to large consultant companies. It is also that a company need more than informal learning, even if the system to learn is intuitive. What are also significant outcomes that are important to e-learning at companies is the organization of courses and of learning so that the learner knows of existence of a course, where to find it and that there is an organization for updating the material and maintaining the quality of the course. What is also important is to have a clear reason for the employee to attend the course. The possibility to get an overview of the course and a time schedule of the course facilitates learning for employees. That the learners are able to discuss the course material and get feedback on the results does also facilitate the learning. Learners also get motivated from practical training that is directly applicable in work.


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