Exponering av trägolv och lister i butik och på mässor : en jämförande studie mellan sport- och bygghandeln

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Forest Products

Author: Fredrik Persson; [2007]

Keywords: marknadsföring; GDS; trägolv;

Abstract: The business cycle of the wood flooring branch is currently high however that situation may not be sustainable. In a possible future weaker business climate, the importance of marketing becomes accentuated for firms that aim to maintain their sales levels. We can see trends that competition among the Swedish and foreign manufactures is already stepping up. The intent of this study is to establish marketing guidelines for floor- and molding manufacturers, so they can establish a clearer brand image in DIY retail outlets. By comparing the approach of sports- and DIY stores to brand and product placement, this study aims to bring new knowledge to the DIY branch for improved consumer and product handling. A second related issue this work addresses is the need to move the moldings from their anonymous placement in the lumberyard to a more attractive placement inside the DIY-store. The theory applied in this study is in the field of consumer behavior and branding. Consumer behavior addresses how consumers behave in different situations, why they act like they do and how they react to different stimuli. Brand theory addresses the advantages and disadvantages of trademarks, what is needed to establish a trademark as well as factors that influence brand equity. The research approach is qualitative. Six people who deal with marketing and sales on the floor of DIY-stores have been interviewed. They represente six different do-it your-self-stores. Moreover, three people respresenting different sport stores have been interviewed. The results from these interviews composed a comparative material that is used to get new ideas and a wider perspective for marketing of flooring products in DIY outlets. The sports segment was choosen as a benchmark because of both its similarities and differences with do-it your-self-retailing. The interviews were semi-structured and were recorded, transcribed and processed according to qualitative methodology. The findings were analyzed using consumer behavior and branding theories. Results • Manufactures should advertise to consumers more, especially in interior-design programs and magazines. • Show cases should be developed, with clear logos as wel as information. These should be complemented by samples in the display area, where the samples are fairly large pieces so that it is easier for consumers to get a notion of what the floor looks like. • When manufactures advertise or are profiled in the media, they should advice their resellers prior to the publication of the advertisement. • Use an existing trademark, such as a trademark for flooring, and extend this trademark to include moldings. Recommendations • Discuss with the reseller product placement in the store. • Promote 'click' or other technical solutions that make it easier for consumers to lay the wooden floor themselves. • Send a trademark plaque to each buyer, which the consumer can display on the floor when it has been laid. • An increase in demand for moldings will improve the chances that moldings will be moved from the lumberyard to inside the store.

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