Real-Time Locating Systems in Agriculture : Technical Possibilities and Limitations

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Lasanthi Ayoma Karunaratne; [2010]

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With the increasing world population the demand for the agricultural products should also increase. Mass production is one solution for a better yield by monitoring the production process more precisely. The current trend is the automation of crop and livestock production, which leads to precision agriculture and results in low-cost quality products. Real-time locating is essential for the automation of many systems. Many automated systems already exist, even in agriculture. But agricultural automation still has a long way to go, specially the crop production. This thesis describes the technical details and pros and cons of many real-time locating systems in brief and their present state of development. Then, how these technologies can be useful for various livestock and crop production systems is discussed. Furthermore, a simple case-study is examined and possible solutions are listed.

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