Measurements of Energy Consumptions in Mobile Applications with respect to Quality of Experience

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/COM

Abstract: Nowadays, Third Generation (3G) mobile phones equipped with powerful hardware are becoming popular and dominating the market of cellular com-munication systems. Features such as music and video players, in-built Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, navigation maps, Internet connectivity and high resolution cameras has converted mobile phones into so called Smartphones. With the increase in applications and services, limitations on energy consumption are also increasing. Therefore, it is more im-portant for manufacturers to nd eective means of increasing battery life of mobile phones, as the mobile device itself is energy consuming and longer operational times are demanded by customers. Good energy mangement in mobile phones requires a good understanding of the energy usage in mobile phones. To this end, this thesis report presents the results of power and energy consumption measurements conducted on available Smartphones. The services under investigation includes basic Smartphone functionalities and few Internet services are studied and conclusions were drawn. This paper presents a cost eective methodology for reliable measurements of energy on Smartphones. It also examines the eect of operating systems on en-ergy consumption in mobile phones and reports less energy consumption for Android supported phones. The energy consumption of these Smartphones with respect to various applications has been studied and related to Quality of Experience of users'. Based on the results conclusions were drawn.

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