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  1. 1. Investigation of a Collapsed Cone Superposition Algorithm for dosimetry in brachytherapy

    University essay from Stockholms universitet/Fysikum

    Author : Freja Alpsten; [2021]
    Keywords : Brachytherapy; Collapsed Cone; Model-Based Dose Calculation Algorithms; Radiotherapy;

    Abstract : Background & Purpose: The current standard dosimetry in brachytherapy treatment planning, the TG-43 formalism, ignore the presence of non-water media and finite patient dimensions. This can cause clinically relevant errors in dose estimates. READ MORE

  2. 2. Brachytherapy of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in the Lip MDR to PDR Treatment Conversion

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Sjukhusfysikerutbildningen

    Author : Daniel Gasic; [2010]
    Keywords : Strålterapi; Medicine and Health Sciences;

    Abstract : Introduction: From 1988 – 2004, patients with squamous cell carcinoma in the lower lip were treated with medium dose rate (MDR) 192Ir wires using a manual afterloading tech-nique. An average of 3 wires were used, each with a mean length of 36 mm (range 27 – 65 mm) and a mean dose rate of 4.5 Gy/h (range 1.8 – 8. READ MORE

  3. 3. Quantitative tissue classication with dual-energy computed tomography for radiation treatment planning evaluation and optimization of a new method

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Sjukhusfysikerutbildningen

    Author : Mattias Karlsson; [2010]
    Keywords : Röntgen; Medicine and Health Sciences;

    Abstract : A new method to extract mass density and elemental compositions of tissues from dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) scans is described and investigated. The method decomposes a tissue into proportions of two or three predened base materials and was proposed in 2008 by a research team at Linkoping University. READ MORE

  4. 4. Evaluation of the lithium formate EPR dosimetry system for dose measurements around 192Ir brachytherapy sources

    University essay from Stockholms universitet/Medicinsk strålningsfysik (tills m KI)

    Author : Laura Antonovic; [2008]
    Keywords : Lithium formate; EPR; 192Ir; Dose measurements;

    Abstract : The dose distribution around brachytherapy (BT) sources is characterized by steep dose gradients and an energy spectrum varying rapidly with depth in water around the source. These two properties make experimental verification of the dose distribution difficult, and put high demands on the dosimetry system in use regarding precision, size and energy dependence. READ MORE