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  1. 1. Spectrum Sensing and Management in Cooperative Cognitive Radio

    University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för ingenjörsvetenskap; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för ingenjörsvetenskap; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för ingenjörsvetenskap

    Author : Ghayoor Abbas Jafri; Ateeq Ur Rehman; Muhammad Tariq Sadiq; [2011]
    Keywords : Cognitive radio networks; Cooperative communication; Dynamic spectrum sharing; Cross layer design ; OC-MAC Protocol ; Opportunistic spectrum access; Spectrum sensing; Spectrum management;

    Abstract : In the last few years, there has been enormous improvement in mobile communication services. Due to this rapid growth in the field of communications, the demand for wireless spectrum has increased rapidly. In the early days in order to remove the interference problem, the spectrum was assigned statically. READ MORE

  2. 2. Does arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis increase the capacity or the efficiency of the photosynthetic apparatus in the model legume Medicago truncatula?

    University essay from Linköpings universitet/Molekylär genetik

    Author : Ateeq ur Rehman; [2010]
    Keywords : Medicago truncatula; Arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis; Photosynthesis; Chlorophyll fluorescence; Oxygen evolution; Lhcb1 and Lhcb2 proteins content; phosphor uptake; Reproductive fitness;

    Abstract : The Arbuscular mycorrhiza (AM) is an endosymbiont of higher plant roots. Most land plants and cultivated crops are concerned to AM symbiosis. This endosymbiosis is based on the mutual exchange of nutrients between plant and fungus. Therefore, AM symbiosis leads to an increased demand for photosynthetic products. READ MORE