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  1. 1. Degradation of pesticides by the ligninolytic enzyme Laccase : optimisation of in vitro conditions, immobilisation and screening for natural mediators

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Microbiology

    Author : Naomi Farragher; [2013]
    Keywords : White rot fungi; Laccase; Bioprophylaxis; Diffuse sources; Co-formulation; Degradation; Mediators; Pesticides; Glyphosate; AMPA; Isoproturon; Enzyme encapsulation; Enzyme immobilisation; Natural mediators;

    Abstract : Pesticides are widely used in many industries but the majority reaches non-target organisms or locations through point or diffuse sources. Understanding conditions for their degradation is therefore important. The degradation of glyphosate, its metabolite AMPA and isoproturon using the ligninolytic enzyme laccase was studied. READ MORE

  2. 2. Effect of vegetable oil on the degradation of a pesticide mixture in biobeds

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Microbiology

    Author : Johanna Moreskog; [2013]
    Keywords : Pesticides; Biobed; Ligninolytic enzymes; Maganese peroxidase;

    Abstract : Pesticides are used to control diseases, undesired vegetation and insects in forestry, gardening and agriculture. In the environment, pesticides are generally believed to originate from a diffuse source, such as spray drift of pesticides during application, or a point source, such as spills during refill and cleaning of spraying equipment. READ MORE