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  1. 1. A new generation ofsmart food packaging : A combination of releasing anti-microbial and generation carbon dioxide inmeat packaging

    University essay from Karlstads universitet

    Author : samar salahieh; [2023]
    Keywords : adsorption isotherms; desorption kinetics; benzoic acid; thymol; modified calcium carbonate; silica gel; carbon dioxide; food pad.; adsorptionsisotermer; desorptionskinetiken; bensoesyra; tymol; modifierat kalciumkarbonat; kisel gel; koldioxid; food pad.;

    Abstract : Abstract Food sustainability depends significantly on packaging since it helps maintainfood safe and fresh throughout its shelf life, resulting in the least amount ofwaste and the least negative environmental impact. The main objective of thisstudy is to determine the adsorbed and released amount of antimicrobial agents(benzoic acid and thymol) on modified calcium carbonate (MCC) by investigating adsorption isotherm at 25°C and desorption kinetics at both 22°C and5°C of anti-microbial to identify potential solutions to enhance the long-termsustainability of fresh products such as meat. READ MORE

  2. 2. Exotic Decays of a Vector-liketop Partner at the LHC

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Högenergifysik

    Author : Alexander Skwarcan-Bidakowski; [2019]
    Keywords : Particle physics; Vector-like quarks; VLQ; Composite Higgs model; CHM; Top-partner; pseudo; Nambu-Goldstone boson; pNGB; NGB; ATLAS; LHC; CMS; Significance; Recast; CheckMate; CM; MadGraph; Pythia; Delphes; Detector; Analysis; Hierarchy Problem; Exotic; Decay; QFT; Quantum Field Theory; fermions; bosons; Jets; photons; leptons; 13 TeV; Missing Transverse Energy; momentum; hypothetical; selection criteria; Standard model; Signal; background; event; Higgs; Mechanism; Simulation; Confidence limit;

    Abstract : An evaluation of how sensitive some ATLAS searches for new physics are to a new beyond standard model (BSM) vector-like quark (VLQ) and a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson (pNGB) scalar. This was done by simulating a signal containing these new particles and making a recast of it onto existing verified ATLAS searches for new physics at center-of-mass (CM) energy of 13 TeV (Run 2) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). READ MORE