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  1. 1. Improvement of measuring accurary of magnetic fields in borehole drilling

    University essay from

    Author : Henrik Sparr; Anton Palm Ekspong; Alexander Lindblad; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : To increase measuring accuracy in magnetotellurgic measurements anelectrode can be lowered into a borehole to create constraints forthe inversion. For this method a long cable is need to connect tothe electrode. This creates a new type of problems with parasiticeffects when the cable is placed on a winch made of metal. READ MORE

  2. 2. High Frequency Transformer : Implementation of prototype

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära; Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära; Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

    Author : Vincent Jansson; David Bergman; Niklas Hermansson; [2019]
    Keywords : Transformer; Transformator;

    Abstract : Since its invention in 1885 by Otto Bláthy, Miksa Déri and KárolyZipernowsky, transformers have become an important cornerstone of theelectrical infrastructure we have today. They are found mostprominently in any machinery or device that requires a differentlevel of voltage or current than a general grid can supply, such ascomputers, motors or even cars. READ MORE

  3. 3. Adhesive Performance of UV-cured Clearcoat on Galvanized Steel

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för kemi, bioteknologi och hälsa (CBH)

    Author : Khanh Trinh; [2019]
    Keywords : galvanized steel; UV-cured coatings; adhesion; UV-lack; galvaniserat stål; ytbehandling; vidhäftning; egenskaper;

    Abstract : A study has been carried out regarding the possibility for application of UV-cured coatings on different pretreated galvanized steel, in coil coating application. In order to address the questions about whether the adhesion will be affected and how, when combining respective coating with a steel substrate. READ MORE

  4. 4. Simulation of a scaled down version of a run-around coil heat recovery system on COMSOL® Multiphysics.

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

    Author : Abhimanyu Tyagi; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Due to changing anthropological activities, the consumption of resources is continuously increasing. As humans are spending more time indoors, the energy demand is also increasing. The building sector is a major consumer of energy. In buildings, space heating is important to maintain a comfortable space. READ MORE

  5. 5. Transients and Coil Displacement in Accelerator Magnets

    University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för fysik, kemi och biologi

    Author : Marcus Wallin; [2019]
    Keywords : Accelerator Magnets; Nb3Sn; Displacement; Slip-Stick; ROXIE; CERN; Transients; Coil;

    Abstract : For a long time voltage spikes has been seen in measurement data from accelerator magnets during current ramps. These has been believed to be caused by movements, but has never before been studied in depth. READ MORE