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  1. 1. Apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea, Klug) situation, forecasting, monitoring and use of extract from Quassia amara for controlling the apple sawfly in organic apple orchards in Sweden

    University essay from SLU/Department of People and Society

    Author : Dipesh Neupane; [2012]
    Keywords : Apple sawfly; Hopoclampa testudinea; Quassia extract; Quassia amara; forecasting; day degree model; semi structured interview;

    Abstract : The main objective of the thesis was to find out the growers’ perspective towards the problem of apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea, Klug) as well as its solution, evaluate the suitability of Dutch and Swiss forecasting methods in Swedish environment, and evaluate the efficiency and timing of Quassia extract application with varying concentration of rapeseed oil product Zence 40 against the apple sawfly. The apple sawfly was monitored using white sticky traps in two orchards located in Alnarp and Malmö. READ MORE