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  1. 1. Civic Food : Designing for Food Citizenship in a Food System Characterized by Mutualistic Resilience

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Designhögskolan vid Umeå universitet

    Author : Lukas Flynn; [2020]
    Keywords : transition design; design; systems oriented design; interaction design; design; sustainability; design for sustainability transitions; urban farming; food systems; local food; speculative; service design;

    Abstract : This thesis explored design’s role in transitioning the Swedish food system to one that is more resilient to the shocks caused by climate change and in the context of the project duration, COVID-19. The project’s central question was: What does food citizenship look like in a resilient food system, and what design process is necessary to facilitate such a solution? The project collaborated with a local food ecosystem startup, Harvest, which has the mission to improve the local food supply chain so everyone can eat deliciously and sustainability. READ MORE

  2. 2. The representation of sustainability on social media : an ecofeminist reading of Instagram

    University essay from Lunds universitet/LUCSUS

    Author : Hanniyah Shabir; [2020]
    Keywords : Instagram; Social Media; Sustainable Living; Sustainability Science; Ecofeminism; Lifestyle Bloggers; Digital Ethnography; Social Sciences;

    Abstract : Social media is a part and parcel of the daily lives of most people today. From targeted advertisements to affecting the election results around the globe, social media holds tremendous power in the way it shapes narratives and the world we live in. READ MORE

  3. 3. Vad kan djurs empatiska förmåga innebära för vårt omsorgsetiska ansvar?

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

    Author : Malin Wolters; [2019]
    Keywords : empati; djur; lidande; elefanter; schimpanser; barn; moral; omsorgsetik;

    Abstract : Syftet med denna litteraturstudie är att undersöka om djur kan känna empati och att utforska vad det kan innebära för djurs förmåga att känna lidande. I omsorgsetikens anda diskuteras sedan vilken betydelse detta skulle kunna ha för vårt moraliska ansvar gentemot djuren, inom alla sfärer av djuranvändande. READ MORE

  4. 4. A study on Swedish researchers’ attitudes and views of the 3Rs

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Animal Environment and Health

    Author : Isabelle Blomberg; [2019]
    Keywords : 3R; attitudes; animal welfare;

    Abstract : Every year, millions of vertebrates are used worldwide in experimental studies. If, how and when animals are allowed to be used in research is stated in the European directive 2010/63, incorporated in the Swedish animal welfare act (1988:534). READ MORE

  5. 5. Modern Research into The Placebo Effect, and its Ethical Implications

    University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper

    Author : Pontus Karlsson; [2019]
    Keywords : Placebo; Placebo Effect; Classical Conditioning; Expectation; Medical Ethics;

    Abstract : Introduction Placebos have been used in medical treatments since the dawn of medicine. The placeboeffect is referred to as a beneficial effect of a treatment which cannot be attributed to thepharmacological component of the treatment given. READ MORE