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  1. 1. The Farm : A new urban condition

    University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

    Author : Jesper Arvidsson; [2012]
    Keywords : Urban Farming; Vertical Farm; Norra Djurgårdsstaden; Farm; Housing; Apartments; Integration of Farming and Living; Stockholm Royal Seaport; Coverd Market; Basar; Aquaculture; Fish Farming; Cyclical Integration; Sustainability; Ecological;

    Abstract : The Farm is a speculative proposal for a self sustainable city block where as much food is produces as is consumed by it’s inhabitants. It is utilising the potential that arise when the greenery of farming is brought in to the cities in creating a new hybrid that blends with the city fabric with the aim of contributing to the areas multiplicity and vibrant life. READ MORE

  2. 2. Analysis of Creep in Paperboard Packages With Plastic Tops

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Byggnadsmekanik; Lunds universitet/Väg- och vattenbyggnad (CI)

    Author : Jakob Arvidsson; Jesper Grönvall; [2004]
    Keywords : Creep; beverage package; paper properties; FEM; ABAQUS; Power-law; crease; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : Beverage packages made of paper and plastic materials that are stored for a long time, deform due to creep deformations. The phenomena is termed bulging and means that the package changes its shape. Bulging is a major issue for the producers of beverage packages. READ MORE