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  1. 1. The risk of sub-optimal allocation of government spending when implementing GDP-linked bonds

    University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för finansiell ekonomi; Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för nationalekonomi

    Author : Aline Ghatan; Anna Sandros Hansson; [2021]
    Keywords : GDP-linked Bonds; Moral Hazard; Sovereign Debt; Public Spending;

    Abstract : This paper examines the risk of suboptimal allocation of public resources in countries issuing GDP-linked bonds and how such risk can be mitigated. Throughout the analysis, a linear interest rate function for GDP-linked bonds is used. READ MORE

  2. 2. SPAC Post-Merger Performance

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Nationalekonomiska institutionen

    Author : Tim Söderman; Rasmus Hjorter Blomberg; [2021]
    Keywords : Special Purpose Acquisition Company SPAC ; Incentive Structure; Moral Hazard; Long-Term Performance; Management Expertise; Business and Economics;

    Abstract : Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) are shell companies with no operational assets with the sole purpose of using the raised capital from the initial public offering (IPO) to acquire a private target firm within a predetermined time frame. This financial vehicle has in recent years surged in interest and media coverage. READ MORE

  3. 3. New Evidence on Tax-Aid Nexus

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

    Author : Heidi Uitto; [2021]
    Keywords : Africa; Tax revenue mobilization; foreign aid; aid fungibility; ODA; fiscal response to aid; Business and Economics;

    Abstract : Effective tax systems play a key role in self-sustained economic growth. Where foreign aid can provide much needed funds for less developed countries, it may also increase aid dependency if the country does not simultaneously improve its taxing capacity. READ MORE

  4. 4. How do SPACquisitions Perform?: Empirical Evidence on Post-Merger Performance in SPAC 3.0

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

    Author : Rune Nicholas Christoffer Wikman; Jie Yang; [2021]
    Keywords : Special Purpose Acquisition Company; SPAC; Post-merger performance; Moral hazard; Initial Public Offering; Double Selection Lasso; Business and Economics;

    Abstract : Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (“SPACs”) provide targets with an alternative route to the public markets and have grown significantly in popularity in recent years. The existing literature on SPAC performance, which predominantly examines the previous generation of SPACs (pre-2010), reveals that the market tends to react positively to acquisition announcement, while post-merger performance tends to be poor on average. READ MORE

  5. 5. Business-to-Business Market Making on the Internet: A Case for End-of-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

    University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

    Author : Hannes Marten; [2020-07-23]
    Keywords : Electric Vehicle Battery; Repurposing; Second Life; Business-to-Business; Market Making; Marketplace; Principal-Agent Theory; New Market Creation;

    Abstract : Introduction: The ongoing transformation towards emission-free means of transportation goes alongwith the resource-intensive production and integration of electric vehicle batteries. Despite theenvironmental potential in decarbonizing the transport sector, electric vehicle batteries lose capacityover time and use and are only usable for transportation purposes until reaching 70 to 80 residualcapacity. READ MORE