Essays about: "Plasticization"

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  1. 1. Kera-Plast : Exploring the plasticization of keratin-based fibers through compression molded human hair in relation to textile design methods

    University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi

    Author : Romy Franziska Kaiser; [2020]
    Keywords : Compression Molding; Plasticization; Keratin Fiber; Human Hair; Textile Design Methods; Textile Thinking; Textile Activism;

    Abstract : The project Kera-Plast aims to re-loop humans and nature by questioning the current systems and ethics through materiality. Human hair, currently considered as waste, functions as the base for the material exploration fabricated through thermo-compression molding. READ MORE

  2. 2. Plasticization of the ocean : frame analysis of the marine litter discourse in German newspapers

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

    Author : Solveig Schröder; [2015]
    Keywords : marine litter; plastic; ocean; frame analysis; human-nature relations; citizen; responsibility; Germany;

    Abstract : Marine litter is a recently emerging environmental problem. It originates from the careless and inaccurate handling of production, consumption and treatment of (plastic) products which ultimately become litter and threaten both the marine ecosystem and humans depending on a healthy ocean. READ MORE

  3. 3. Lactose crystallization in drum dried, freeze dried and spray dried skim milk powders

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Livsmedelsteknik och nutrition (master)

    Author : Annette Bick; [2015]
    Keywords : lactose crystallization; skim milk powder; glass transition; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : Crystallization of amorphous lactose during storage at high relative humidity and high temperatures has been found to impair the quality of skim milk powders. This is related to the glass transition of lactose. READ MORE