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  1. 1. On the statistics and practical application of the reassignment method for Gabor spectrograms

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Matematisk statistik

    Author : Erik. M Månsson; [2019]
    Keywords : Mathematics and Statistics;

    Abstract : The reassignment method is a technique for improving the concentration of signals in spectrograms and other time-frequency representations (TFR). It achieves this by displacing the points in a TFR according to the reassignment vector for every point. READ MORE

  2. 2. Deep Impression

    University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Akademin för textil, teknik och ekonomi

    Author : Jennifer Annie Patricia Jönsson; [2019]
    Keywords : fashion; knit; experience; dimensions; construction; spatial-wearing;

    Abstract : The scope of this thesis is to reveal the hidden dimensions of fashion. With the aim to stress the worth of participation and the individual experience of fashion. This work is questioning what we see, and later what is actually there. READ MORE

  3. 3. Studying genetics of leaf shape variation in Arabidopsis lyrata

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för ekologi, miljö och geovetenskap

    Author : Carina Kvernes Macpherson; [2019]
    Keywords : Arabidopsis lyrata; Arabidopsis arenosa; leaf shape; RCO genes; genotype; phenotype; gene sequence variation;

    Abstract : The relationship between leaf and its environment has resulted in a tremendous diversification of leaf shape within and between plants species, which is important to cope with the differing environmental conditions. Arabidopsis lyrata is a prime model plant that shows leaf shape variation within species and between related species. READ MORE

  4. 4. Instagram affordances among post-pregnant body advocates

    University essay from Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

    Author : Linda Singh; [2019]
    Keywords : post-pregnant; post-pregnancy; body advocates; Instagram; Affordances; emotional affordances; affordance theory; objectification theory; feminist reflexivity; comparison theory; postmodern feminism; survey; mixed method;

    Abstract : ABSTRACT Objectification of especially women have often been mentioned in connection to discussions concerning negative body image wherein individuals have been claimed to evaluate their body and look based on standardized societal ideals (Nash:2015, Hodgkinson, Wittkowski & Smith:2014). Studies have also shown that newspapers, magazines, and movies routinely present post-pregnancy bodies as something temporarily that women should strive to improve (Breda et al. READ MORE

  5. 5. Native incorporation of outer membrane proteins into vesicles suitable for high resolution NMR spectroscopy

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för biologisk grundutbildning

    Author : Mohammed Mouhib; [2018]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying the structure and dynamics of membrane proteins. The method has mainly been used for membrane proteins solubilized in detergent or embedded in membrane mimetic systems. READ MORE