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  1. 1. Enhanced Butanol Production by Free and Immobilized Clostridium sp. Cells Using Butyric Acid as Co-Substrate

    University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Ingenjörshögskolan

    Author : Laili Gholizadeh; [2010]
    Keywords : bio-butanol; acetone–butanol–ethanol abe ; abe-fermentation; butyric acid; clostridium; c. acetobutylicum atcc 824; c. beijerinckii ba 101; c. beijerinckii ncimb 8052; fibrous-bed bioreactor fbb ; batch; suspended cell culture; immobilized cell system; c. beijerinckii atcc 55025;

    Abstract : Butanol production by four different Clostridium sp. strains was investigated using glucoseP2-medium supplemented with increasing concentrations of butyric acid, added as cosubstrate.Batch fermentations were carried out in serum bottles (freely-suspended cellcultures) and fibrous-bed bioreactor (FBB) with medium recirculation (immobilized cells). READ MORE