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  1. 1. GREEN CITY ZONE A Case-Study in a Multi-Stakeholder Initiative within a Smart City

    University essay from Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

    Author : Florin Gabriel Dascalu; Nicole Dawn DiNatali; [2023-02-01]
    Keywords : net-zero emissions; multiple stakeholder management; construal level; temporal distance; system thinking; sociotechnical system theory; project management; smart city;

    Abstract : As climate change concerns have taken a central spot in mainstream discourse, there has been an emergence of green smart city projects, resulting in an increased demand for research in these areas. As the EU has pledged a reduction of emissions, various projects have arisen, such as Climate Contract 2030, Move21, and this thesis’ subject – the Gothenburg Green City Zone. READ MORE

  2. 2. Choice Overload and Making Decisions for Oneself and Others

    University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för företagande och ledning

    Author : Vendela Von Fluck; Ytian Simon Schuller; [2021]
    Keywords : Decision-making; Choice overload; Construal level theory; Accountability;

    Abstract : Standard economic theory typically assumes that more is better, or at least not worse. However, there is growing evidence that when making decisions, more options can have negative implications such as decreased satisfaction or confidence for decision-makers. READ MORE

  3. 3. Showrooms: the future of online and offline retailers? - An explorative comparison of showrooms’ value contribution to the customer experience

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

    Author : Emma Pärsson; Beata Edlund; [2021]
    Keywords : Showrooms; Customer Experience; Online- and Offline Retailers; Polestar; IKEA; Availability; Personnel- and Technology; Physical Experience; Brand Awareness; Business and Economics;

    Abstract : Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate from a consumer perspective, showrooms’ value contribution to the customer experience, and if there are differences in contribution whether the company, opening a showroom, derives from online or offline formats. Methodology: Conducting the study philosophies of epistemology and ontology was regarded, where the social constructionism stance was employed. READ MORE

  4. 4. Fantasy versus Reality: How video game and book genres associate with creative thinking

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för psykologi (PSY)

    Author : Biljana Stanisic; [2019]
    Keywords : video games; reading books; role-play games; fiction; abstraction; creativity in the workplace;

    Abstract : Video games have suffered a negative reputation regarding their influence on children and adolescents, in comparison to its “well-behaved” counterpart, books. Nevertheless, the world of video games is much more diverse than imaginable – from fantasy to reality – and it is possible that different types of video games have different effects on human cognition and behavior. READ MORE

  5. 5. Never Mind(set) the Number: A study on numerical construal in the mind of a consumer

    University essay from Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

    Author : Izabell Jissbom; Matilda Björklund; [2018]
    Keywords : Construal Level Theory; Numerical Cognition; Product Performance; Brand Liking; Mindset;

    Abstract : Companies are constantly competing to breach out with their marketing communication to reach customers' attention. The landscape is a highly competitive one and to disrupt it various tactical strategies need to be utilized. Such strategies include various practices of new product announcements, e.g. READ MORE