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  1. 1. The Playground Project : This project is dividid in three main topics, working with the topic and the meaning of play, the form and the design of the ground, everything comes together in the final project.

    University essay from KTH/Urbana och regionala studier

    Author : Floris Bastian Bouma; [2020]
    Keywords : child development; risky play; equipment; isolation; playground safety; urbanism space;

    Abstract : Playing is the dominant activity in children's daily life, but is the playground still the place where children have their first encounter with societal roles, norms and values of today’s society, through the act of playing? The playground functions as the place where children are forced to educate themselves, in learning to develop, to make decisions, to solve problems, and to regulate emotions. They look for risks in order to test and explore their physical limits. READ MORE

  2. 2. Education Projects in Ethiopia: are they democratic? A case study on Official Development Assistance

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

    Author : Marlaina Lahger; [2020]
    Keywords : Ethiopia; Education Projects; Democratic Theory; International Organizations; Official Development Assistance; Social Sciences;

    Abstract : It would be difficult to argue that an uneducated society in today’s world would persevere beyond that of an educated; education has become an essential key to survival. It has been considered “a foundational driver of development which furthermore helps create self-reliance, economic growth, direction to better health and even democratic societies” (Usaid. READ MORE

  3. 3. Light and Mystery in Architecture

    University essay from KTH/Ljusdesign

    Author : Paula Bez Cardoso; [2020]
    Keywords : light; shadow; perception; mystery; architecture; legibility;

    Abstract : Studies suggest that mystery can increase curiosity and interest for certain spaces. This topic becomes highly relevant in current times when contemporary architecture turns its concerns towards sharp vision. READ MORE

  4. 4. Curious Omosa : Does player satisfaction increase the more they learn about their game environment?

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Institutionen för psykologi

    Author : Michael John Christopher Wells; [2020]
    Keywords : curiosity; Shannon’s entropy; virtual environment; nyfikenhet; Shannons entropi; virtuell miljö;

    Abstract : The science of curiosity is not fully understood, yet it seems to be a key component of nature which drives both humans and animals to seek out new information. Humans actively seek out to solve problems for the sake of solving them, with evidence suggesting that the seeking and obtaining of new knowledge is itself inherently rewarding. READ MORE

  5. 5. Do you feel excluded? : an explorative study of who the perceived typical shopping mall consumer is and if this consumer feels excluded from city centers

    University essay from Högskolan Kristianstad/Fakulteten för ekonomi; Högskolan Kristianstad/Fakulteten för ekonomi

    Author : Fatima El-khatib; Marta Myszka; [2020]
    Keywords : Consumer stereotype; shopping mall; place image; shopping experience; place attractiveness; retail; city center;

    Abstract : As the retail apocalypse is increasing, it is common to face stores without consumers in citycenters. E-commerce is one of the factors that has had a negative impact on physical stores,both in city centers and in shopping malls. It has been easier for shopping malls than forcity centers to fight the increased competition. READ MORE