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  1. 1. How to Find Yourself First : Shopaholic, Queen of Babble and Chick Lit as a Genre

    University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för humaniora

    Author : Helen Smedlund; [2010]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : This essay focuses on the genre of Chick Lit and two novels in that genre: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot. The essay examines the origins of the Chick Lit genre and discusses its influences and the typical trademarks of the Chick Lit novel. READ MORE

  2. 2. A descriptive study of self-perceived attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS in Cambodia

    University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbets- och folkhälsovetenskap; Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbets- och folkhälsovetenskap

    Author : Sara Bodling; Sarah Larsson; [2010]
    Keywords : attitudes; HIV AIDS; Cambodia; attityder; HIV AIDS; Kambodja;

    Abstract : Bodling, S. & Larsson, S. (2010). A descriptive study of how people with HIV/AIDS in Cambodia experience attitudes regarding the disease from people around them. READ MORE

  3. 3. Male view of women in the Beat Generation - A study of gender in Jack Kerouac's On the Road

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Engelska

    Author : Fredrik Olsson; [2005]
    Keywords : feminism; gender roles in literature; könsroller i litteraturen; narratology; narratologi; Beat Generation; Kerouac; Jack; English language and literature; Engelska språk och litteratur ; Languages and Literatures;

    Abstract : The aim of this essay is to analyse the role women play for the male Beats in Jack Kerouac's On the Road (1957) and how women, love and marriage are viewed in the text. The hypothesis that I argue for is that the male Beats' relationship to women is built upon an opposition. READ MORE