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  1. 1. Addressing intersection artifacts on textured, geometrically rendered vector data in 3D applications

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

    Author : Bjarni Ragnar Gudmundsson; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : There exist various methods to render vector data in 3D applications. One such method is to render the data geometrically, where polyline data is tessellated into some geometry that is rendered on top of the 3D terrain. READ MORE

  2. 2. Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon using F-based chemistry - Exploring the Limits

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Fasta tillståndets fysik; Lunds universitet/Fysiska institutionen

    Author : Harald Havir; [2018]
    Keywords : Reactive Ion Etching; Plasma Etching; CHF3; SF6; High Anisotropy; Physics and Astronomy;

    Abstract : Dry Etching is widely used in nanoprocessing as a method of pattern transfer onto a hard substrate, like silicon. Improving the resolution of this etch process is an important step in reducing the feature size in, for instance, computer microchips, or Nanoimprint Lithography stamps. READ MORE

  3. 3. Optimization of the steel-fiber dosage in shotcrete used in the Kankberg mine

    University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser

    Author : Pontus Larsson; [2018]
    Keywords : rock mechanics; shotcrete; bergmekanik; sprutbetong;

    Abstract : The Swedish metal company Boliden has since the early 20th century been mining deposits in the mining field commonly referred to as the Skelleftefield in northern Sweden. The youngest of the active mines is the Kankberg mine which is an underground mine whose reserve contains gold and tellurium. READ MORE

  4. 4. Safe Navigation of a Tele-operated Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation (CSC)

    Author : Daniel Duberg; [2018]
    Keywords : unmanned aerial vehicle; safe navigation; tele-operated; robotics; drones; UAV; indoor; collision avoidance; human-UAV interface; interface; human-robot interface; computer science;

    Abstract : Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can navigate in indoor environments and through environments that are hazardous or hard to reach for humans. This makes them suitable for use in search and rescue missions and by emergency response and law enforcement to increase situational awareness. READ MORE

  5. 5. Ryttarens inverkan på symmetrin i hästens rörelsemönster vid lättridning

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Clinical Sciences

    Author : Sofia Eklund; [2018]
    Keywords : Häst; Ryttare; Rörelsemönster; rörelseasymmetri; Hälta; Lameness Locator; ; Rörelseanalys;

    Abstract : Ortopediska skador är en av de vanligaste orsakerna till hästars veterinärbesök och många hästar drabbas någon gång av denna typ av skador. Symtomen är ofta hälta och kodledsinflammation är den vanligaste diagnosen. Sjukdomar i leder är även den vanligaste orsaken till att hästar avlivas. READ MORE