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  1. 1. Revision of an artificial neural network enabling industrial sorting

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper

    Author : Henrik Malmgren; [2019]
    Keywords : artificial neural networks; machine learning; deep learning; connectionism; pattern recognition; machine learning; automation; image analysis; information technology; applied mathematics; mathematical optimization; information theory; mathematical statistics; mathematical models; stochastic models; probabilities; chance; approximations; algorithms; computer programs; computer software; signal processing; high performance computing; numerical methods; high technology industries; sustainable development; artificiella neurala nätverk; maskininlärning; djup maskininlärning; konnektionism; mönsterigenkänning; automatisering; bildanalys; informationsteknik; tillämpad matematik; optimering; informationsteori; statistisk inferens; matematiska modeller; stokastiska modeller; sannolikhetskalkyl; slumpen; approximationer; algoritmer; datorprogram; programvara; signalbehandling; högpresterande beräkningar; numeriska metoder; teknikutveckling; maskinindustri; högteknologisk industri; maskinhandel; skrothandel; bärkraftig utveckling;

    Abstract : Convolutional artificial neural networks can be applied for image-based object classification to inform automated actions, such as handling of objects on a production line. The present thesis describes theoretical background for creating a classifier and explores the effects of introducing a set of relatively recent techniques to an existing ensemble of classifiers in use for an industrial sorting system. READ MORE