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  1. 1. Cooling Potential of Methane in Rocket Nozzle Cooling Channels : A Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

    Author : Marcus Pettersson; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : The use of hydrocarbons as fuel in rocket propulsion has been of great interest to the aerospace industry in recent years. Specifically, natural gas with a high content of methane has taken the interest of several actors, among them Sweden-based GKN Aerospace who in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology have started the MERiT project. READ MORE

  2. 2. Temperature handler in radiosusing machine learning : Temperature handler in radiosusing machine learning

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

    Author : Arnthor Helgi Sverrisson; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Machine learning is revolutionising the field of automation in various industries. But there exist powerful methods and tools in a number of cases that do not include the learning process like machine learning does. In this thesis, controllers for compensating for overheating in radio stations are built, evaluated and compared. READ MORE

  3. 3. Elbow Design, Servo Motor Selection and Control Implementation of the Agile Parallel Kinematic Manipulator

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Industriell Produktion

    Author : Hampus Farmängen; Felix Lundblad; [2019]
    Keywords : Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : The purpose of this work was to contribute to the creation of a prototype of a new type of robot called Agile Parallel Kinematic Manipulator or AgilePKM for short. Designing, building and controlling a new type of robot is a task which goes beyond the scope of any master thesis project, but there are subtasks which are more suitable to handle within the available time frame. READ MORE

  4. 4. The impact of climate change on the energy demand and indoor climate of an apartment building in Stockholm

    University essay from KTH/Hållbara byggnader

    Author : ANTONIOS TSAOUSOGLOU; [2019]
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    Abstract : With an increasing global concern about climate change, an important topic for the building industry is how climate change will affect the energy behaviour of buildings and their indoor thermal comfort levels. Many residential buildings do not fulfil the healthy requirements regarding indoor temperatures due to poor design even with the current climate conditions. READ MORE

  5. 5. Study of an Alternative Pion Collector Scheme for the ESS Neutrino Super Beam Project

    University essay from Uppsala universitet/FREIA

    Author : Patrik Simion; [2019]
    Keywords : FLUKA; flair; FREIA; particle physics; essnusb; beam; collector; pion; neutrino; super beam; ESS;

    Abstract : The ESSnuSB will produce a high intensity neutrino super beam based on the 3 ms long proton pulses at 14 Hz from the ESS linac. With the use of a conventional normal-conducting van der Meer horn, to collect pions from the neutrino target, these 3 ms pulses will have to be compressed to of the order of 1 microsecond in order to avoid overheating of the magnet current conductors. READ MORE