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  1. 1. How Certain Are You of Getting a Parking Space? : A deep learning approach to parking availability prediction

    University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap; Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

    Author : Mathias Nilsson; Sophie von Corswant; [2020]
    Keywords : monte carlo dropout; mc dropout; long short term memory; lstm; neural network; recurrent neural network; gradient tree boosting; rnn; gradient boosting regression tree; gbrt; quantile regression; traffic congestion; parking; parking occupancy; parking availability; parking space; parking lot; machine learning;

    Abstract : Traffic congestion is a severe problem in urban areas and it leads to the emission of greenhouse gases and air pollution. In general, drivers lack knowledge of the location and availability of free parking spaces in urban cities. READ MORE

  2. 2. Automated building compliance checking : emphasis on building placement and parking availability

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för naturgeografi och ekosystemvetenskap

    Author : Min Ya Zhang; [2019]
    Keywords : building permission; building requirements; compliance checking; house placement; parking availability; Geomatics; Earth and Environmental Sciences;

    Abstract : Building permit automation has become a rising international topic in the past decade due to its convenience and efficiency. Automated compliance checking saves time and resources, which is beneficial for the construction industry. READ MORE

  3. 3. Identify the driving behaviour in a parking lot in terms of distance.

    University essay from Högskolan Dalarna/Mikrodataanalys

    Author : Salim Saif Saeed Ahmed; [2018]
    Keywords : Driving behaviour; Parking lots; GPS and Optimal path;

    Abstract : Parking a vehicle can often lead to frustration, air pollution and congestion due to limited availability of parking spaces. With increasing population density this problem can certainly increase unless addressed. READ MORE

  4. 4. Väsmans strandband : gestaltningsförslag för en hållbar och tillgänglig aktivitetspark i Ludvika

    University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

    Author : Kajsa Holmqvist; [2016]
    Keywords : aktivitespark; lek; aktivitet; tillänglighet; hållbarhet; karaktär; Ludvika; band;

    Abstract : Detta examensarbete handlar om att skapa en plats där människor vill vistas och får möjlighet att röra på kroppen. På uppdrag av Ludvika kommun presenteras ett övergripande gestaltningsförslag för en aktivitetspark vid utvecklingsområdet Väsmanstrand i Ludvika. READ MORE

  5. 5. Charging electric cars from solar energy

    University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för tillämpad signalbehandling; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för tillämpad signalbehandling; Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för tillämpad signalbehandling

    Author : Xusheng Liang; Elvis Tanyi; Xin Zou; [2016]
    Keywords : AC Net; Converter; Controller; Electric Car Charging; Photovoltaic; Solar Energy; Solar Panel; Storage Battery; Solar Irradiance; System design;

    Abstract : Before vehicles were heavily relied on coal, fossil fuels and wind for power.  Now, they are rapidly being replaced by electric vehicles and or plug-in hybrid electric cars. But these electric cars are still faced with the problem of energy availability because they rely on energy from biomass, hydro power and wind turbines for power generation. READ MORE