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  1. 1. GDPR, Blockchain & Personal data - The rights of the individual v. the integrity of Blockchain

    University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Juridiska institutionen

    Author : David Matsson; [2022-02-16]
    Keywords : Risk-based approach; Personal data; EU; Right of rectification; Right of erasure; Big Data; Peer-to-Peer; Distributed Ledgers; Hashing; Hash-reference;

    Abstract : The technology of Blockchain is something new and innovative. It was introduced by a group which goes under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto through the publishing of the paper “Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system”. READ MORE

  2. 2. Forward Guidance Through  Newspaper Articles : Explaining Movement in Bond Yields Through Text Analysis

    University essay from Umeå universitet/Nationalekonomi

    Author : Severin Suess; [2022]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Forward guidance policies are necessarily difficult to asses through their nature as verbal publishing. This thesis aims at estimating a forward guidance indicator through measuring public perception of the central bank’s interest rate policy. READ MORE

  3. 3. Generic Data Harvester

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

    Author : William Asp; Johannes Valck; [2022]
    Keywords : News; Articles; Newspapers; Web crawler; Web site parsing; Optimization; Web robot; Web spider; Web data extraction; HTML; Scrapy; Nyheter; Artiklar; Tidningar; Sökrobot; Analys av hemsida; Optimering; Webbrobot; Webbspindel; Data extrahering hemsidor; HTML; Scrapy;

    Abstract : This report goes through the process of developing a generic article scraper which shall extract relevant information from an arbitrary web article. The extraction is implemented by searching and examining the HTML of the article, by using Python and XPath. READ MORE

  4. 4. The Nigerian Alternative Online Media and Political Misinformation: News producers’ perspective on the defining characteristics, tensions and mitigation strategies

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap; Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kommunikation och medier

    Author : Bolaji Omotayo Daramola; [2022]
    Keywords : Afrikology; Nigerian Alternative Online Media; Political Misinformation; News Production Studies; African Digital Journalism; Fake News; Nigerian digital public sphere; Social Sciences;

    Abstract : This thesis investigates the characteristics of the Nigerian alternative online media as an effective tool for political discourse with the intent to influence governance despite claims that the form of media is awash with political misinformation - which is mostly termed “fake news” in the local parlance. This thesis takes an Afrikology stance in defining the role of the Nigerian alternative online media as a digital public sphere placing the people’s lived and cultural experiences at the centre of the discourse from the content producer’s perspective. READ MORE

  5. 5. The unfair representation of Neurodevelopmental disorders : A quantitative content analysis of the representation of neurodevelopmental disorders in Swedish news media

    University essay from Karlstads universitet

    Author : Mariam Bafadhl; Therese Lindskog; [2022]
    Keywords : Neurodevelopmental disorders; Representation; Dagens Nyheter; Expressen; Stereotypes; Neuropsykiatriska funktionsnedsättningar; Representation; Dagens Nyheter; Expressen; Stereotyper;

    Abstract : Purpose: This study aimed to investigate how neurodevelopmental disorders (NDs) are represented in the Swedish news media. The study can contribute to gaining more excellent knowledge about how Swedish news media such as Dagens Nyheter (DN) and Expressen represent disabilities such as NDs. READ MORE