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  1. 1. Uncovered Interest Parity and the Financial Crisis of 2007 : An econometric study of the robustness of the uncovered interest parity over different time periods, with varying economic stability.

    University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Nationalekonomi; Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Nationalekonomi

    Author : Karl Rohlén; Pontus Ekdahl; [2019]
    Keywords : Uncovered interest parity; interest parity; interbank offering rates; yield to maturity; short-horizon; long-horizon;

    Abstract : The current intellectual climate regarding economics seems to be at an agreement regarding the theory of uncovered interest parity and its unreliability within real life application. The purpose of this thesis is to test how the theory holds over periods with varying economic stability, both using a short- and long-horizon test in order to establish the usefulness of uncovered interest parity as a predictor for exchange rate movements. READ MORE

  2. 2. International Diversification Benefits : A Cointegrating Analysis Based on China, Europe and Russia

    University essay from Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi; Högskolan i Jönköping/IHH, Företagsekonomi

    Author : Stefan Ryschkow; SIQI LU; [2018]
    Keywords : Causality; diversification; dynamic cointegration; static cointegration; structural break;

    Abstract : This thesis investigates the short term and the long term cointegration relations between European and Chinese, European and Russian stock markets, with a goal to define international diversification benefits. Whereas Russia and China are considered as developing countries, Europe represents a developed market. READ MORE

  3. 3. A small open economy’s view on interest rate differential’s relation to the nominal exchange rate

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi och statistik (NS)

    Author : Julian Unger; [2017]
    Keywords : Small open economy; uncovered interest rate parity; interest rate differential; nominal exchange rate; short-horizon interest rate; long-horizon interest rate;

    Abstract : The characteristics of interest rate differentials’ relationships with the change in nominal exchange rates are here investigated from the small open economy Sweden’s pointof view. We assume rational expectations and risk neutrality. However, these are solelysufficient but not necessary conditions. READ MORE

  4. 4. An Investigation of the Swedish Consumption Function : An Error-Correction Approach

    University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi och statistik (NS)

    Author : Robert Pölder; [2017]
    Keywords : Consumption; consumption function; vector error-correction model; forecast accuracy; intercept correction; cointegration; Sweden; wealth effects; housing wealth; financial wealth; vector autoregressive model; Bayesian vector autoregressive model;

    Abstract : This thesis examines the Swedish aggregate consumption function using the concept of cointegration, and explores whether consumption, income, financial wealth, and housing wealth share a long-run trend. The goal of the study was to determine the strength of this cointegrating relationship, the relative roles of housing wealth and financial wealth in the consumption function, and a suitable method for forecasting consumption. READ MORE

  5. 5. Evaluation of emergency ordering policies at Syncron

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktionsekonomi

    Author : Niklas Jonsson Åberg; Staffan Theander; [2017]
    Keywords : Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : The aim of our research has been to identify what prevents Syncron from implementing a single item emergency ordering policy in their inventory management system, GIM. Emergency ordering is defined here as the ability to use two supply sources, a normal one and a faster more expensive emergency source. READ MORE