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  1. 1. Using Movies in English Teaching

    University essay from Malmö universitet/Lärande och samhälle

    Author : Julia Björnsson; Sigrid Andersson; [2019]
    Keywords : Movies; feature film; language learning; language development; ESL EFL; SLA; teaching strategies; task-based teaching; multimodality;

    Abstract : This research synthesis investigates the topic of movies in education, and explores advantages and challenges when using movies as a tool for language development in the English classroom. With the framework of language learning theories and methods, scholarly journal articles are synthesized to explore significant themes within this area. READ MORE

  2. 2. Extra-Mural Activities and Their Effect on Second Language Development : A Comparative Study of Upper Secondary Swedish L1 Gamers and Non-Gamers

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Allmän språkvetenskap

    Author : Alexander Rau; [2019]
    Keywords : SLA; EFL; ESL; lexical diversity; oral proficiency; utterance length; VocD; vocabulary; extramural activities; video games; MMORPG; second language acquisition; Languages and Literatures;

    Abstract : Today, English is the most studied second language, being used in academia, international relations, social forums and mainstream entertainment, resulting in English becoming a common topic of research in the study of second language acquisition. One particularly interesting form of entertainment is the hobby of online digital gaming as English has become the de facto language used in absence of a shared native language among players. READ MORE

  3. 3. Transfer of reinforcement learning for a robotic skill

    University essay from Luleå tekniska universitet/Datavetenskap

    Author : Dulce Adriana Gómez Rosal; [2018]
    Keywords : Transfer learning; Reinforcement learning; Simulation; Robotics;

    Abstract : In this work, we develop the transfer learning (TL) of reinforcement learning (RL) for the robotic skill of throwing a ball into a basket, from a computer simulated environment to a real-world implementation. Whereas learning of the same skill has been previously explored by using a Programming by Demonstration approach directly on the real-world robot, for our work, the model-based RL algorithm PILCO was employed as an alternative as it provides the robot with no previous knowledge or hints, i. READ MORE

  4. 4. Leadership perspectives for Continuous Improvement : A Case study on leaders’ consistency for organizational transformation

    University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för kvalitets- och maskinteknik

    Author : Omafume Matthew Enakeyarhe; [2018]
    Keywords : Leadership; Continuous improvement; Total Quality Management TQM ; Improvement kata; coaching kata; PDCA; Appreciative Inquiry AI ; Ledarskap; Ständiga förbättringar; kvalitetsutveckling; Förbättrings Kata; Coachnings Kata; PDCA; Appreciative Inquiry AI ;

    Abstract : Samhället förändras med nya utmaningar. Detta skapa behovet för att organisationer ökar takten för att möta förändringen. Det innebär att arbetssätt och standardisering, kan bidrag till verksamhetsutveckling. READ MORE

  5. 5. Processbaserat skrivande i högstadieskolor och dess inverkan på elevmotivation

    University essay from Malmö universitet/Lärande och samhälle

    Author : Sara Nilsson; Robin Persson; [2018]
    Keywords : EFL; ESL; English Language Teaching; Feedback; Grades 7-9; Language Learning; Process-based Writing; Process writing;

    Abstract : Throughout our teacher training program, we have noticed that students struggle to see the reason with writing task designs that are short and concludes upon the end of the lesson. Therefore, this degree project aims to gain an insight to whether the methods used in process writing and its various concepts can be used efficiently within schools to assist students in reaching higher grades and have higher rates of academic success, as well as discover the impacts of motivation tied in with the use of these specific task designs. READ MORE