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  1. 1. Basic Creep of Young Concrete - Sensitivity in the Evaluation Method

    University essay from KTH/Betongbyggnad; KTH/Betongbyggnad

    Author : Benar Ekmat; Natalea Hermes; [2019]
    Keywords : thermal cracking; young concrete; creep; Linear Logarithmic Model; temperature development; average strain; sensitivity.; Temperatursprickor; ung betong; krypning; Linjär Logaritmisk Modell; temperaturutveckling; töjning; känslighet.;

    Abstract : Creep is defined as deformation that takes place under constant load after an initial elastic response. This thesis focuses on a material property problem area that concerns stress analysis. Focus is on stress development considering creep deformations occurring when a concrete structure is under load, i.e. READ MORE

  2. 2. Simulation of Hardening of the MahanaKhon Tower Mat Foundation

    University essay from KTH/Betongbyggnad

    Author : Zakaria Kazi-tani; [2019]
    Keywords : Hydration; MahanaKhon tower; mat foundation; young concrete; temperature development; thermal stresses; cracking; fly ash; finite element analysis; COMSOL Multiphysics; Hydratation; MahanaKhon tower; bottenplatta; ung betong; temperaturutveckling; termiska spänningar; sprickbildning; flygaska; finita elementanalys; COMSOL Multiphysics;

    Abstract : Cement hydration is the result of a series of simultaneous chemical reactions occurring during the production of concrete. An excessive amount of heat is generated, which consequently may give rise to thermal stresses and cause early age cracks in concrete that may affect its structural integrity, and load bearing capacity. READ MORE

  3. 3. Prediction of early age and time dependent deformations in a massive concrete structure

    University essay from KTH/Betongbyggnad; KTH/Betongbyggnad

    Author : Ali Aghili; Haris Ribac; [2018]
    Keywords : Early age concrete; hydration of cement; Storfinnforsen; ConTeSt; crack risk; temperature development; strain; mass concrete structures; measurement plan; Ung betong; hydratation av cement; Storfinnforsens kraftverk; ConTeSt; sprickrisk; temperatur; töjning; massiva konstruktioner; mätningsplanering;

    Abstract : The heat development that occurs due to the hydration of cement is important to consider during casting of massive concrete structures. By using computer programs that are based on finite element methods (FEM), simulations can be performed on the heat- and strength development. READ MORE