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  1. 16. Dynamic Modeling of Target's Cooling Systems

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för energivetenskaper

    Author : Maximilian Cahlin; [2021]
    Keywords : Dynamic modeling; Modelica; Dymola; Fluid mechanics; Thermodynamics; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : The thermal energy generated from the spallation process in the ESS facility must be cooled by cooling systems in order to ensure safe operation of the facility. It is of interest to understand what operating conditions of the cooling systems will ensure this safety for both stationary conditions and transient events. READ MORE

  2. 17. Evaluating the suitability of carbon source from fermentation of primary filter sludge for biological nutrient removal

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Kemiteknik (CI)

    Author : Sanna Sahlin; [2021]
    Keywords : Wastewater treatment; batch activity tests; NUR tests; anaerobic P release tests; EBPR; denitrification; removal rates; internal carbon source; fermentate; water and environmental engineering; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : Traditional biological nutrient removal (BNR) processes in wastewater treatment require access to easily biodegradable carbon in order to achieve sufficient removal. However, a lot of the carbon in the influent wastewater is not directly available for BNR bacteria but need to undergo hydrolysis first. READ MORE

  3. 18. The effectivity of vacuum impregnation with glycerol and secondary metabolites on electroporated arugula leaves to improve freezing stability.

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Livsmedelsteknik och nutrition (master)

    Author : Oscar de Kuijer; [2021]
    Keywords : Pulsed electric field PEF; Arugula; Electroporation; Secondary metabolites; Glycerol; Food engineering; Livsmedelsteknik; Technology and Engineering; Agriculture and Food Sciences;

    Abstract : Freeze damage is a common issue in many food items. The cellular dehydration caused by freezing can be prevented through addition of a cryoprotectant. Research has shown that it is possible to improve the freezing tolerance of plant materials by addition of cryoprotectants, which forms hydrogen bonds with water molecules. READ MORE

  4. 19. How do different ingredients affect the fermentation time and structure of plant-based yoghurt-like products?

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Livsmedelsteknik och nutrition (master)

    Author : Nicki Holmgran; Jens Svendsen; [2021]
    Keywords : Food Engineering; Livsmedelsteknik; plant-based; yoghurt; oat; pea; chickpea; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : The market of plant based dairy alternatives such as yoghurt alternatives continues to grow as more information on the environmental impact of traditional dairy products become available. The plant-based yoghurt alternatives come with a new set of problems, including longer fermentation times and poor gel structure formation. READ MORE

  5. 20. Modeling BOD removal in free watersurface constructed wetlands with variable residence time-based methods

    University essay from Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för Teknisk vattenresurslära

    Author : Degefu Yohannes Sebro; [2021]
    Keywords : BOD removal; Free water-surface constructed wetlands; VART-BOD; models; dynamic diffusion zone; Technology and Engineering;

    Abstract : Constructed wetlands (CWs) have been applied for several years in the removal process pollutants from secondary treatment plants and stormwater. In this paper, the Variable Residence Time (VART) model for solute transport in streams was extended to simulate the BOD removal process in free water surface flow constructed wetlands (FWS CWs). READ MORE