Optimization of RIA-calculations : Simulating Falling Control Rods at Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för fysik och astronomi


This report accounts for investigations of ways to reduce the calculation times forsimulations of falling control rods in boiling water reactors done prior to everyreactor startup, known as RIA-calculations. Two methodologies to lower thecalculation times have been proposed, developed and implemented in a set ofmatlab-scripts, which are fully compatible with the previously used methodology.The new methodologies have been applied on 17 authentic power cycles at the threeForsmark reactors, whereby a reduction in calculation times by 70 to 90 % could bedemonstrated while still confidently maintaining the analysis performance. Thesimulations made and the basis of the new methodologies are described in detail inthis report, and possible steps to further lower the calculation times are alsoproposed.

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