The Internationalization Process of UK based Small and Medium Enterprise : The Implementation of Global Marketing Program

University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi; Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för ekonomi


The effects of globalization have changed the global market rules which encourage many firms to expand their sales to foreign markets with the aim of entering new and potential profitable market. OnDemand Group (ODG) ‚ UK Based Company that focuses on content management on the platforms of operators’ music and video‚ has already seen the advantages by entering 24 different country markets and now by entering to Dubai market which is the opportunity for ODG to move to Middle East market.

However‚ the internationalization process is a long process for the firms. The firms must choose the right market, right entry modes, target markets to benefit from opportunities, design new global marketing program, and find appropriate ways to implement that program in each market. In this thesis‚ we mainly focused on implementation of global marketing program‚ because‚ regional differences due to different preferences of other markets can be a shortcoming for ODG for the creation and implementation of global marketing program in Dubai. Our aim is to understand how OnDemand Group marketing program accommodate these differences, and what changes they are making in the marketing program and organizations to reach the new potential markets and broadband operators in Middle East close to United Arab Emirates market.

To find out the answers for our research question related with global marketing program‚ Qualitative method is used in our study. Qualitative method in this research will aim to collect both primary data through e−mail and phone interview, and secondary data related with ODG is obtained through ODG website and relevant reports, academic journals, university database, books and relevant websites.

In conclusion, we clearly observe that many aspects of the global marketing program remained unchanged, and there are many processes that are even standardized like some processes in the operations and the strategic management models by headquarters. However when it comes for the end customer services offered by ODG, there are a quite high level of customization between different regions and countries. In real practice, we find this applicable even for simple product companies that offer some level of services.


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