Google Glass : A backend support for Google Glass

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Abstract: This dissertation describes a project to create a prototype application for Google Glass,where the purpose is to help assembly line industries by allowing workers to see instructionsvisually while working with both hands free. This solves the problem of requiringan instruction manual since instead all instructions will be stored in a database. GoogleGlass retrieves and displays the information for the user after scanning a QR-code forthe product which is going to be assembled. An important aspect is to see if such a systemis powerful enough for industries to start working with Google Glass. This conceptwas developed into a working prototype system, where Google Glass can retrieve data byscanning a QR-code that contains information about a specific product. This informationwill give a step by step instruction on which components the product contains and theinstructions for assembling them. The results presented in this dissertation shows thatGoogle Glass is not suited for the industry at its current state.

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