Entertainement [!] for faster driving takeovers : Designing games for faster and safer takeovers on level 3 self-driving cars

University essay from Högskolan i Skövde/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Abstract: The upcoming level 3 generation of self-driving vehicles will be characterized by the freedom of not having the driver’s hands on the steering wheel. This acquired freedom is posing new challenges on the traditional passenger comfort paradigm as the drivers will spend a higher amount of time doing non-driving tasks (NDRT). Certain constraints must be imposed as the level 3 generation systems will not be able to drive all the time without active feedback from the user. The driver needs to stay active enough to do takeover in a situation where it is needed to. What effect will different NDRT have on the behavior of a driver in a self-driving car? In our low fidelity driving simulator, we tested different simple actions (e.g. playing a simple 2D game). We then evaluated them based on their accident avoidance and situation awareness in the post-transition period. The results show a significant difference between the reaction speeds of the drivers before and after an active task.

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