PORTCARE - Bag without borders. Portable dentist device

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/HDK - Högskolan för design och konsthantverk

Abstract: This degree project is dealing with medical design, what is actually a backpack. This portable solution is for dentists, what is including the most important and essential tools, instruments for the indispensable oral health. I was aiming the third worlds countries especially, and remote areas with this project mostly, but it could work also in disaster situations, to make it easier to approach by a doctor team. The goal was to create something ergonomical and compact solution, what is userfriendly in the same time, to serve doctors needs who are employed by a dental charity organistion. I have been collecting all the good features from the already existing products, and imported to this backpack.(equipments, batterys, suction units, etc.) This device is a bridging soultion to let the doctors reach remote areas much easier then with the already existing products on the market. A hard shell bounded from outside, that is protect all the tools from inside, and makes durable and resistant against external influences, from the backside the paddings and straps are making more comfortable to carry.

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