Exploring the Possibilities of Replacing Mechanics with Magnets

University essay from Lunds universitet/Produktutveckling

Abstract: This master thesis investigates the possibilities of implementing magnets for several functions in a knob. The project was carried out in collaboration with Sigma Connectivity. During a previous project at Sigma Connectivity, there occurred an interest in using mag-nets in a product called ”the knob”. This product is used to select options by swiveling an outer part or pushing buttons at the top. Exchanging some mechanics for magnets could possibly improve the product. It was interesting to see if magnets also could affect the feedback to the user. The objective is to explore the possibilities of magnets in this type of product. Some benefits of magnets can be to avoid mechanical wear and to seal electronics due to contactless sensoring. If magnets are found to be useful, the results of this master thesis could act as a foundation for Sigma Connectivity to implement magnets in their future products. Background research about magnets and sensors was conducted as well as findings of existing magnet solutions in order to achieve a greater understanding about magnets implemented in products. This acted as the foundation for the concept generation. Promising concepts were evaluated by using CAD and 3D-printing to create prototypes. The final concept is a modified knob which utilizes magnets for several functions, both regarding the swivel function and the push top. Working prototypes with sensors demonstrates the functions.The results of this thesis is the final concept as well as recommendations for further development.

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