Trim & Colour for Pininfarina´s stand at Geneva motor show 2006

University essay from Lunds universitet/Industridesign

Abstract: For the Geneva motor show 2006 I created a special Trim and Colour for Pininfarina’s three production cars. Trim and Colour means the complete design of materials and colours used in the car exterior and interior.

In my diploma work I explored the possibility to unite the image of three different cars by the use of material and colours. I analysed the exhibition environment in which they were to be presented and how a connection could be made between the cars and the presentation area.

Since the work was done for a shortly upcoming event in fist hand and not for production, I looked into the latest fashion trends for inspiration. The colours and materials had to work well with the cars own brand identity as well as with the “Pininfarina DNA”. I regarded black and white as the right choice for the interior and an opaque champagne colour for the exterior.

When ordering the three cars for remaking, I asked for an already available black base in order to save time and costs. The exteriors had to be repainted. The upholstery and inserts of the door panels where re-sewn in white leather.

The result was a nice and strong graphical effect for the interior and a glamorous shine on the exterior that worked very well for the show event. It was neutral enough to work with the “Pininfarina DNA”. It also turned out that my judgement of colour trends was right, as black and white was the colour combination of the year.

The three cars, although different from each other, felt united by use of the same materials and colours.

Also the presentation area was in black and white to emphasise its connection with the three cars. For the floor a glossy white was chosen and the wall an opaque black paint. Two sofas were also placed on the stand, of the same white leather as the interiors of the cars.

I followed the project through the whole process, from the first ideas to the “creation off” and preparations of the press releases, until the project was finished and presented at the Geneva motor show.

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