Implementation of website for cognitive behavioural therapy using the development framework Symfony

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: This report follows the process of developing a website for cognitive behavioural therapy using the web development framework Symfony. The purpose was to find out if it is appropriate to use Symfony to ease development and maintenance of a website for therapy. For this to be true the framework had to be able to help create a website that was secure, user-friendly and easy to maintain. The website was developed using several features of the framework including database abstraction, automatic code generation and URL-rewriting. A plugin was used to enhance the security by adding a complete solution for user authentication. The website was tested by using built-in test functionality of the framework that could run test on functions or emulating a browser visiting the website. During the development the framework was tested and evaluated. The worst drawback turned out to be Symfonys steep learning curve, its security solution that only worked if the website was installed correctly and its slow loading time. Except those faults the framework performed well and was easy to use ones the initial learning time was over.  

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